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Teddy was the sweetest little boy I have ever rescued. I remember seeing him on the site the first time around and at the time I already had two Goldens so he went elsewhere. I was lucky enough to have a second chance at adopting him last November!!! I found him a little funny looking…Turns out he was a Shar Pei/Golden Mix and the cutest little Teddy Bear in the world. From the moment I saw that little guy I fell in love, but I knew something was amiss and it turned out he had lung cancer. RAG tried their best to help save him, giving him hopefully lifesaving surgery but it ultimately was not to be. We thought of Chemo, but the most aggressive form would only give him six months and we all decided to not put him through that. Lucky for me and Teddy we had eight more months without any meds until the end for comfort and it was some of the best months of my Golden mom’s life. I lost him on Tuesday August 23, 2016. My heart broke but he is no longer suffering and is wagging that little tail happily in heaven, keeping all my precious Goldens company. I was truly blessed to be his mom and will hold him close to my heart forever. I have now rescued Ms. Sadie, a sweet gentle Golden girl who already misses her brother but she provides immeasurable comfort and I am truly happy I have this new gift. We miss you Teddy..RIP my dear sweet boy!

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