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Simba came to us five and a half years ago. She was about 5 or 6 years old . A happy, joyful, red golden. It was love at first sight for both of us. Simba was the joy of my everyday, my ballast, and definitely woman’s best friend. Simba was the most loving, caring, sweetest dog I have ever had. She always listened, never complained, always at my side no matter my mood. She would cheer me up and make me laugh. She was the stable part of my life, when things would become unstable everywhere else in the world. I could come home from a grueling day at work and she’d always be at the door giving me a super wag saying “Hello! I’m so glad to see you and I love you.” I’d put all my work stuff down and smile and hug her and then we would go out side for a brushing and sit on the garden swing for awhile and watch the birds and hummingbirds. Simba also loved to play with Sunny (our corgi mix rescue) and our newer addition, Rudy (our fox terrier mix rescue). She would run with those long loping legs, galloping about the back yard playing tag and who has the dog toy. They made such a great three amigos team. Simba got to participate in the Parada del Sol the first year we had her and also did a gift wrapping event one Christmas. She loved everyone and had so much fun. Everyone loved her too. The one thing she didn’t really like was camping though. Too dirty. She would lie on the tent’s doormat, sit in her own camp chair, stay in the tent, or in the car. We had to feed her and put her water on the picnic table. Lol. But as long as she was with us she didn’t mind and neither did we. She was a true Anam Cara with big brown soulful eyes. I will miss her every day from our morning greetings of a biscuit and a romp, her funny antics of bouncing about with her rear end up in the air, as if to say, “Come on mom it’s really okay!” when she was caught with a stray paper towel or tissue torn up all over the floor. And a million other moments each day that will remind me of her and remember when? Yes I do, My big brown eyed girl. Goodbye sweetie, we love you.

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