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We were blessed to have the opportunity to adopt Fetcher from your rescue on March 18, 2010. Both Fetcher and the youngest of our 3 boys were 3-years-old at the time. It was love at first meet. Fetcher was as “Golden” as they come. Barked pure joy when we’d walk through the garage door. Whether we were gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours he was just overjoyed for us to be home! He’d quickly find anything to hold in his mouth to continue “crying” and telling us all about how happy he was to see us. He loved to be touched. Pet, brushed, any form of being touched. He loved his walks, chewy, a yummy bone, or just curled up next to us. He was the most gentle, mellow, loving dog I’ve ever encountered. Fetcher1His seizures started 2 yeas ago. The seizures were under control and we were blessed with 2 more wonderful years with Fetcher. Last night that changed. The seizures started and wouldn’t stop. To say he’s already incredible missed is an understatement. No other doggie will be our Fetcher. He was amazing.

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