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CJ joined our family a little over two years ago. We adopted her sight unseen after hearing her story. You see, this little girl at the age of 11 months was turned into Rescue a Golden because of her health issues. Vets estimated she would only live to age of two…but you will see she had her own ideas about this. She joined a lovely foster family for several years and when they had to move out of state, we joyfully adopted her. Her exercise was limited and she was on a very strict diet but to look at her, no one ever thought she was ill. Rescue a Golden called her a “special needs” dog…to us, she was just plain special. Every day she was with us was sweet and joyful. She “sang” with joy when my husband walked in from work, she “sang” with excitement when playing with the rest of the pack, and she “sang” when the pancakes came off of the griddle and landed into her dish. She taught us that every day brought something to sing about.

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