Rescue a Golden of Arizona


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Hello – Lewis here. This will be my last communication. As you’ve probably heard from my Mom – I got real sick yesterday – went to the emergency room.
Dr Hufford & the staff at TBAH worked so hard to help me but I‘m just too old & was too sick. All my friends at The Rainbow Bridge were calling me – especially “Happy Hershey” who lived with us for awhile last summer. He said he was well & happy – no pain. So at Midnite last nite I went to join him at The Bridge. My TBAH Tech Friend Kara, was with me. AND guess What? Now I’m Laying in green grass, I can see & HEAR all the other dogs barking & playing –you know I’m too dignified to join in that kind of nonsense. So GoodBye to all my friends on earth who loved me so. I’ll wait for you here. Lewis Steffes

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