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His name is Gamer. He was the best friend that I ever had, human or otherwise. Smart, loyal, gentle, and sincere. Companion and contributor to RAG events, fellow hiker, protector, and comforter. Unbelievable around kids and, boy, was he an entertainer. Always wanting to please with an incredible happy attitude. Words are difficult, but he was not only an exceptional dog, but an incredible side-kick and playmate. He was an integral part of our family and talking to him or about him was a wonderful experience. Golders are a special group of animals and I hope that we can get a fix on their high mortality rates at such early ages. I love you Gamer.

Gamer1Gamer3Gamer came to us when a woman decided that he was “uncontrollable” and “worthless” after being rescued from Show Low, AZ, running around the hills there. When we got him, I was uncertain that I could accept another dog, after losing a great dog named “Gus.” Well, Gamer was too good to refuse. Gamer (a name had to have a “G” in the beginning–for Gus) had a bicep muscle tendon separated from his shoulder on one side and a bullet lodged in his other shoulder. We took him to Phoenix for shoulder surgery, but only the bicep could be repaired–the bullet was too close to an artery. He did well until we found out he had jaw cancer. He had three teeth and part of his jaw bone removed. the doctor said that Gamer had some residual cancer in a vein/nerve canal that goes to his brain. He gave Gamer 6 months to a year to live. After going to two wonderful naturopathic doctors in Prescott, we had Gamer on Chinese and high strength vitamin medicine therapy supplements for over three years. A recurrent doctor’s visit showed no cancer–he beat it! Gamer never did have optimal kidney health (you wonder what went on in Show Low), and that is what eventually put Gamer down . . . after over 8 years of happy, active, and joyous life with us-he was over 12 years old. This dog is irreplaceable and is truly an inspiration, as well as a gift from God. Thank you God and RAG.

He was euthanized in our home after we excruciatingly made the decision to end his declining health. And wouldn’t you know it–he had a great day that day–playing, performing, wagging, eating, barking, following, belly-rubbing, loving . . . .

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