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Cooper, was adopted from RAG 16 years ago and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 10/25. His story was recently published by RAG and he will be greatly missed. I have loved all my dogs but this boy was absolutely special, he loved everyone and everything and was always by my side. The house seems too empty and his noises are all missing. However, I had to let him go before his neurological issues worsened. I am so blessed to have had this friend for 16 years and beyond. I am heartbroken. For months I helped him get in and out of the car to go play on the grass and see people. A true Golden he adored food to the end and had his first marrow bone ever before we said goodbye. This rescued angel had been hurt before I got him and I will never know if that is why he was so kind and happy to live with us but I do suspect it was so. He had a best friend, Basil the cat, who is in mourning for him and who is now always on my chest to feel my heartbeat. The photos I have chosen to share are from the morning before he moved on. Basil is saying goodbye. I am hugging him and back in February. RIP Cooper, we adore you.

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