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On October 2, 2020, we lost our big golden retriever Melbourne. “Mel” was taken to the rainbow bridge by his mom, dad, and sister Sydney (Australian Cattle dog) where he peacefully transcended the world. Prior to Mel’s passing, he developed liver failure and severe pancreatitis. Even with the most extensive medical treatments and hospital care, the veterinary staff were not able to save our sweet boy.

Mel was the happiest dog that we have ever seen. He always seemed to have a smile on his face and he just enjoyed being with us. Mel was always a favorite with the neighbors while going on his walks and visits to the park. Everybody was just pulled toward his magnetic personality and happy disposition. Mel was even featured in the Golden calendar in October 2019.

Mel came to us from Guadalajara, Mexico. We were told that he wasn’t in the best situation there. Well, for the three years that we had the privilege of taking care of Mel, he was treated like a king. As devastated as I am about losing Mel, I am happy to know that his last three years were spent with us, who loved and pampered him unconditionally everyday.

Lastly, I just want Mel to know that your family misses you terribly and I am so sorry that you got sick and we could not save you. Please know that your mom and I did everything we could. I hope your endless spirit is running around in Heaven and playing with all of Goldens that came before you. I would tell you to rest in peace Mel, but I know that is not your style!! We love you and you will be in our hearts until we meet you on the other side.

Bill, Karen, and Sydney

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