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Pal was about 2-4 years old when my family rescued him from Rescue a Golden of Arizona. We are happy to say, he lived another 12 years! (Aug. 2004 – Jan. 2016.) Pal lived with four little girls and they took care of his ever need and want. There were always little kids over to play with Pal. He loved getting pets. His favorite spot was between his ear and the back of his head, if you rubbed there long enough, he would fall asleep. Pal loved sneaking into the kitchen and stealing food almost as much as getting his scratches. One day, Pal went into the kitchen, jumped on the counter and ate 6 dozen chocolate chip cookie that my mom made for my Girl Scout troop! Our vet always said, “this dog has a stomach of steal!” So we didn’t worry about the cookie too much. Pal did not live up to the “retriever” side of him. He hated fetch! The only time he would play was when my uncle Mikes’s Chocolate Lab, Charlie, would come over and Pal would get the ball and lay on top of it so Charlie couldn’t get it! Pal also didn’t like swimming… in the pool at least. As long as it looked natural, he was all over it! Our friend has a “pond” in her backyard and Pal loved that. He would swim in it all day with my friend’s Siberian Husky, Shadow. And he loved the ocean and the lake! We had Pal tied up to a chair at the lake and he saw a bird and took off into the lake with the chair still attached! It took him forever to figure out how to get back! Pal loved kids, I took him everyday to my sister’s elementary school to pick her up, there were always the same 15 kids who would come up to me everyday and love all over Pal, even the Principal came out to say hi! (I thought I was going to get in trouble for having a dog on campus!) The Principal came out almost everyday to see Pal. And there were always those kids who were scared of the big, slobbery, golden retriever. I showed them that he wasn’t scary and some of the kids warmed up and began to pet him. There was a little girl who would bring dog treats from home to give Pal, the poor girl’s back pack smells like puperoni! Pal lived a very fun, loved and full life. I thank God everyday for the 12 years I spent with my best friend, Pal! I love you my Pal, Pal! Forever and Always! ~The Wickhams Paul, Laura, Ashley, Madison, Emily, and Kate.

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