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Cassie became part of our family in Feb of 03. My former best friend Tonya, a beautiful Siberian Husky, went to the bridge in August of 02 and my dying mother came to spend her last days with us. After mom passed in December of 02 the house was just too quiet and lonely.

We had been studying dog breeds and although we loved huskies, after having raised several in the past 20 years, we felt that we could no longer devote the raw energy that huskies needed. We started looking for a golden and found Cassie at a breeder in Gilbert. She was the most adorable blond fluff and wormed her way into our heart in about two seconds.

When she was 8 weeks old we brought her home where she spent the first few nights in a small crate on our bedside table. After getting over the separation anxiety from missing her mom and litter mates she just blended into the household like a champ. Even our cat Sam got used to her.

We have a dog door to our back patio. After a few “luring and urging” sessions she would run through that door and think it was a great game.

Cassie grew up to be the most beautiful golden ever! She had a personality that everyone just fell in love with instantly. She could look you in the eyes and make you melt.

In 2007 we rescued a male golden from Kentucky and within a day she and Morgan were best friends. It was as if Cassie showed Morgan around, taught him the “ropes” and let him know who the alpha boss was.

Cassie gave us almost eight wonderful years! Unfortunately, she developed cancer and had fluid leaking into her lungs and abdominal cavity. It got to the point where she couldn’t breathe because of the pressure. We had our vet remove quite a bit of fluid so she could breathe easier and was almost back to her old self. Sadly the treatment lasted only a couple of weeks and she was back in severe distress. We could not watch her struggle for every breath she took and decided, with many tears to guide her to the bridge.

She made the trip being hugged in my arms. We shall miss Cassie forever.

A few months later we adopted Ginger from RAG. She has so many of the habits and personality traits that Cassie had, my wife and I feel as if Cassie personally sent her to us.

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