Rescue a Golden of Arizona


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We rescued Bear back in November of 2016. He left for the Rainbow Bridge on 12/6/17. Bear was a trooper and was always ready for a new adventure. My job was transferred from Phoenix to Tampa Florida and Bear couldn’t wait to begin his new life. My husband traveled across country with Bear and what an adventure they had together! Bear was his quiet companion (a great backseat driver), who enjoyed stopping at every rest area to chase any squirrel who came across his path. Bear was happy to get out of the desert and enjoyed his long walks along the bay and the gulf. Also he loved going to the park with the mighty oak trees and green meadows. Bear loved meeting new animal friends, egrets, turtles and pelicans – no gators!

Bear & Lola were the “Cutest Goldens” for April 2018. Their pictures hang on our walls and eternally in our hearts.