Rescue a Golden of Arizona


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Joe was one of two brothers that came to me from RAG. His brother Jake is still with me.

Joe was our protecter and stayed by my side every hour of every day wherever I was. He actually scared off an intruder in our home as they were coming through our large doggie door.

He developed a heart murmur that was found by my new vet that I had taken him to, and despite getting him right away to see a cardiologist, and having several tests, and trying several medications, he was tired and went to the Rainbow Bridge.

His brother Jake did have a hard time with his passing and had to have IV therapy withing two days of his passing as he would not eat or drink… I took on a golden foster, whose owner was in the hospital, to help Jake which did help but he still looked all over the house for him continuously, but he eventually stopped and is here to say that even though his little adopted sister thinks she is boss of the house, he still is.

I believe Jake is 15 years old. Unfortunately somebody took my computer down and I lost all the pictures of him on my computer but we have plenty of Joe and his brother all over the home… It never gets easier to lose any of them.

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