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Awesome came into rescue at age 6 yrs. He blessed and enriched our lives for 4 years and 5 months. He was only 10 years & 8 mo. young when he made the journey to the rainbow bridge, too young to leave us so soon. Everyone who met Awesome, knew immediately what an “awesome” boy he was. His name fit him so well. Awesome was such a sweet, gentle boy. To watch Awesome, you knew he loved life and everyone in it. He didn’t just walk, he pranced. He loved food, never questioning what you were giving him. You would think he was starving, inhaling every morsel he could get. He entered rescue as a “fat boy”, almost 100 lbs, and with the help of a lot of green beans and daily exercise, Awesome dropped 30 lbs. He looked Awesome. He loved going to the Dairy Queen for a “pup cup”. He was usually the first one to finish his ice cream and then he would carry the empty cup around hoping somehow miraculously more would appear in his cup. We put in a swimming pool for the boys and had a special shelf built at one end just for Awesome, because at the time, he was afraid of the pool. Within about 10 days of swimming every day, he found his swim legs and he never looked back. To see him swim, you would have thought he’d always been a swimmer. He loved all dogs, and once he got the hang of it, he loved to “hump” anything on 4 legs. We always said he was making up for 6 yrs of no humping. He didn’t care what part of the dog’s body he humped, he just enjoyed humping. He was also a furniture boy. He started out slow, by just getting up at the foot of the bed when we first went to bed, for only about 10-15 min, then he progressed to staying all night. It got to the point if we even went near the bedroom, no matter what time of day or night, he would immediately get on the bed, ready to go to sleep. The sofa was also his and if you wanted him to move he would give you “the look”. Awesome loved going for walks and for rides in the car. Of course his favorite spot was riding shotgun and he gave you the “look” if you chose to sit in his seat. He also loved soft, squeaky toys. His favorite was the jack. He would retrieve balls, as long as no one else was trying to retrieve the same ball, He was not competitive at all and just let Barkley or Sherman get the balls if they wanted them. He was a wonderful Ambass-A-Dog for Rescue A Golden, going along with mom on so many home visits. Everyone wanted to adopt him. He also volunteered at our PetSmart Meet n Greets, Barnes and Noble, Cynosport games, St Francis Adopt-A-Thons, and walked in all the parades RAG participated in and almost made it to the semi-finals in the 2010 Cutest Golden Contest competing against all those cute puppies. Awesome is missed by his mom, dad, sister Sarah, and brothers Barkley and Sherman. Awesome will be in our hearts forever, not only because we loved him, but because he was truly Awesome. We’ll see you at the rainbow bridge Awesome man.

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