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My family and I were interested in adopting a Golden Retriever for a variety of reasons but my son nailed it by saying we wanted the most co-dependent and lazy dog you have, please. Be careful what you wish for because a few weeks later we met our champion companion. Our new gorgeous amoeba (Golden) would be called by his chosen name Elway. We went walking by ponds splashing a bouncing HELLO to his friends the ducks all while hiking in the hills of a pretend unguarded new territory. Elway loved us, loved the adventures and loved us again – the feelings being entirely and wholly met with love by our pack. As he got older and a nick on the tail happened or a thorn burrowed in his paw he took life with all the enthusiasm I’ve ever seen, animal or human. The latter part of the past weeks are unimportant, except to say even through his decline, Elz was a patient, loving and “always there for you” kinda guy.

We hurt. My family hurts, but Elway doesn’t anymore and for a dog who has given our family and me in particular so much joy, we could not have asked for anything more of our gentle giant.

While we may not have Elway in the present, you can be sure he’s still going to be the dominating one on walks, swims and lazy days by the tv.

Unable to go on, I simply proclaim my undying, true and without conditions for this Piece of heaven you brought to complete our family. We love you boy, thank you for orchestrating our lifes paths.

In light and love,
The Balmers

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