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Teddy MTeddy came to us as a surprise in May 2021 and quickly captured our hearts. He was one of the April 2021 China rescues and found his way to our home. He was always smiling and he was Golden Retriever through-and-through. He made us laugh every day and definitely had a mind of his own. I often said that Teddy’s mind was constantly busy, but he and I rarely reached the same conclusion! Our 2.5 years with our golden boy was a continuous process of discovery. We learned that he was an athlete and loved to jump up on rocks, balance on his hind legs, spin with pure joy. We set up a little agility course in the backyard and he flew through the obstacles, including the tunnel. He adored his three fluffies, the little golden retriever stuffed animals that he gently carried one-by-one each morning, through the doggie door, into the backyard. He traveled with us on our yearly month-long trips to San Diego and Colorado and enjoyed walks along San Diego Bay and high mountain streams. He learned to swim in Oak Creek in Sedona and delighted kids who threw sticks for him to retrieve. Best of all, Teddy loved to be loved. He was a cuddle muffin and was the most happy when he had at least three points of contact, a running joke in our home. Teddy was a presence in our neighborhood and a friend to human and dog alike. His loss has rippled through the community like a rift in the force, perhaps gone but never forgotten.

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