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October: Meet Buoy

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10 October Buoy

Buoy is one of the fifteen 2023 golden retrievers lovingly rescued from China. After much anticipation and international customs complications, he arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor on February 14th, Valentine’s Day … how appropriate! Friends come in many shapes and sizes.

When we opened the door to the XL crate, we were in total awe as an even larger XXL “friend” popped out and smothered us in kisses. Buoy loves life! And there is nothing he wants to do more than go for car rides. He is our observer and soaks everything in.

It has been a joy to watch him slowly relax and realize that he is home. Buoy loves to explore outside, preferably while holding a pinecone. His “zoomies” are a daily tradition as he runs and runs around the yard barking with glee. In true form, he also enjoys quietly sitting on the top step of the swimming pool while taking everything in. And then it’s back to playtime with his favorite toys! On February 14th, Buoy’s huge paws walked right into our hearts, and it is true love for us all.

September: Meet Spicy

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09 September Spicy

Hi! I’m Spicy! I’m one of the long-awaited Chinese Goldens. It took me a really long time to get here but I’m so glad I finally made it. I think my parents and brother are pretty happy I made it too. I arrived on Valentine’s Day and my momma said I stole their hearts, so I guess that’s a good thing! My parents had another dog before me that was sick for a while so when I got here it really changed their lives! Now we can go for really long walks, play in the yard and my parents tell me that this summer I’m going to the beach! I went once already and I loved the sand and the surf so a whole summer there is going to be Amazeballs!! BTW … did I tell you I love to play ball?!

I also have a brother, Nixon! He showed me the ropes when I got here but I quickly learned he had a hard start to life and that he’s a pretty nervous fella. Even though he’s a big guy he’s kinda scared of things so I’ve become his protector. I’m never too far from his side because I want to make sure he’s safe and comfortable. And talk about comfortable…did I tell you how comfortable his bed is? And my parents’ bed is? I really love it here and my parents tell me how much they love me too.

Thanks RAGofAZ!

August: Meet Quincy & Harley

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08 August Quincy Harley

Quincy and Harley

Quincy came into rescue in November 2017 at the age of 9. We had just lost 2 of our golden boys, Sherman and Barkley. Our remaining Golden, Reagan, was lonely and needed a new friend. Quincy was described as a playful boy, who loved people, dogs and loved swimming.

At nearly 15 years of age, he is still very excited when people come to the house. He has enjoyed the pool over the years, although now he would rather just take a nap. Quincy still loves walks and car rides, particularly if they are to DQ for a pup cup. He still loves his stuffed toys, especially his duck and his new pineapple but no longer chases after balls.

Knowing that our time with Quincy is short, we cherish each day with him. He has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Harley, who was abandoned, brought his light and love into our lives in February 2010 at just 1 ½ years old. We wondered how anyone could have left this beautiful boy who only wanted to be loved. He quickly settled into life on our ranch in Vail, AZ with his new canine sisters as well as horses, steers and abundant desert wildlife.

After my husband Dennis died several years ago, Harley, his brothers, and I moved into a house near the outskirts of town and Harley discovered he also likes sidewalks and the people walking on them! At nearly 15 years old, he walks over 2 miles 4-5 days a week and still chases his favorite toy like the pup he was when he first arrived.

Our family is so blessed to have been given the gift that is Harley. As I tell him every day, he is the “best doggie in the whole wide world.”

July: Meet Butter

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07 July Butter

Hellooooo Butter here! I am one of the lucky Goldens who made the 25-hour trip from China to the U.S. in 2020. For weeks after arriving, I was nervous but you can’t blame me, I’m now suddenly living on the other side of the world!

Slowly I realized “mom” was always the same person, my beds were for me only, I had my own food bowl and toys for me to play with anytime. I began to feel safe and decided to focus on now and the future and forget about the past.

Today, I proudly serve as the family’s official cuddler, clown, and personal guard for mom when she works from home. She thinks I’m a pretty bad one because apparently I fall asleep on the job. I’m also Ginger’s (Miss December’s) annoying little brother even though I know she secretly loves me. I love life in Arizona and cannot imagine life without my family.

Hi, Butter’s mom here! Our family also cannot imagine life without Butter. He is my family’s third Golden from RAGofAZ and while I truly love all of them to pieces, Butter, despite his first year in China, has turned out to be the sweetest of all to our surprise. Sometimes, I think Butter loves me so much that he wants to be me! He bumps me from my office chair and races me to my spot on the couch, but he wins every time. I love my Butter!

June: Meet Shiloh

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06 June Shiloh

In October of 2019, I got a phone call from Becky, the RAGofAZ representative in the Prescott Valley area. RAGofAZ had found a Golden that was ready for his furever home! This sweet boy was rescued from Mexico; abandoned, starved and very injured. He had to have a portion of his front leg amputated due to an injury and severe infection. A few years later, during a routine chest x-ray, it was discovered that he still had a bullet in him!

In April of 2022, I decided to return to my home state of Pennsylvania to live. Shiloh was a great traveling companion, along with his 2 canine and 2 feline siblings. He has settled in comfortably in The Quaker State, and has made tons of new friends.

I had a prosthetic leg fit for him, and we still enjoy our shorter walks, as he’s getting up there in years. He’s even enjoyed dipping his paws into Lake Erie! I have known the joy of Goldens since 1981, 11 over the years. Sadly, sweet Shiloh is probably my last, as it’s harder for me to care for them in my senior years. It’s difficult to imagine my life without a Golden by my side.

Shiloh is a gem, in my heart and life. He has brought so much joy into so many lives. He knows he was blessed to be rescued by RAGofAZ and I was equally blessed to be chosen as his furever mom.

May: Meet Maysie

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05 May Maysie

Maysie was one of the eight puppies born to sweet mama Pearl in May 2022. Pearl had been a breeding dog and then was rehomed. Once she was rescued by RAGofAZ Pearl surprised everyone with the arrival of the new family! Lovingly called the “Golden Nuggets”. The adorable pups thrived in the care of the amazing RAGofAZ volunteers. We were one of the lucky families blessed with one of the beautiful little girls.

Maysie’s name has two special meanings to us. The first is that she was born in May. The second was in honor of her sweet mama that brought her to us. The name Maysie is of Scottish origin meaning “a little pearl”. It had been a long time since I had a puppy and I was a little nervous when I went to meet her. But it was love at first sight. She laid in my lap the whole ride home and I just knew it was meant to be.

Maysie is very loving and sweet. She expects belly rubs from every person she meets! You almost never see her without a ball in her mouth, even when she is sleeping! Next to playing ball she loves hiking the best. She was a natural on the hiking trails from day one! She has two human brothers who adore her and spoil her with attention.

We are all completely over the moon for Maysie! Thank you RAGofAZ and mama Pearl for bringing her into our lives!!

April: Meet Lexi

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04 April Lexi

My husband and I wanted a new addition to our family. We contacted Rescue a Golden of Arizona “RAGofAZ” and completed all the foster steps. We knew we found our dog when we saw a picture of Lexi. She was three months old, but was very sick. She was diagnosed with Discospondylitis, which is an infection that affects the vertebrae and intervertebral discs of the spine. We have another dog, who is six years old, and wanted to play but Lexi was not allowed to run or jump as there was a potential for her to become paralyzed. She was highly sedated and on antibiotics.
For a few months her only activity consisted of coming out of her crate to go to the bathroom with a leash on. This was a very trying time for Lexi and us.

Finally, three months later, the x-rays showed that her spine was growing back and she could start to play. Now Lexi is very playful, sweet and a loyal family member. She loves to go to the dog park and needs to be petted at all times. We adore her!!!

Thank you RAGofAZ for bringing this sweet girl into our lives.

March: Meet Sophie

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03 March Sophie

Four years ago, life was quite challenging. I was born into a breeding family and destined to make many puppies, spending most of the time in a kennel. But something went awry. Thinking I couldn’t make those puppies, my family gave me to RAGofAZ. I got a new family; no puppies and no more kennel. Life was good.

So much happened since then. I sleep in a big warm bed with my mom and dad, respond to commands, take Dad for walks to meet new people, sunbathe on the grass, chase away the birds he tries to feed, and bark a lot when I am excited. I had two big Golden brothers, one of whom played with me like crazy. To help other dogs get rescued, I became an Ambassadog attending meet and greets and fundraising events. Since I’m so pretty and cuddly, I collect lots of money. Incredibly, I get paid with treats to be petted and get belly rubs. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

I am also a Home Visit Team attaché; my job is to ensure other dogs get a good, safe home like mine. Sometimes I’m sad. Both of my big brothers are at the Rainbow Bridge. It’s been so lonely not having a furry companion to play with and being the only fur kid for the first time. After a year, I finally found and adopted a Golden sister to train and play with, so all is well again.

February: Meet Thunder

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02 February Thunder

Thunder came charging through our door and into our hearts 7 years ago. I had just gotten a fortune cookie saying “A short stranger will soon enter your life with blessings to share.” How true it was! Thunder was born with a short right front leg. She never let that stop her. When she came to us at age 6, she loved to run and chase balls. Thunder is one of the happiest dogs we ever had. Her original name was “Thumper,” maybe because as a puppy she looked like a little bunny hopping on three legs. We felt “Thunder” was more appropriate because her very loud bark rivals a 747 at takeoff!

Eating is Thunder’s favorite activity. She once ate a bowlful of chocolates, foil wrappers and all! She then visited the emergency vet.

Now that she is 13, arthritis has slowed her down but she still insists on her daily walk, lots of treats, and tummy rubs. In return she gives us Golden smiles and love. Thunder is still sharing her blessings.

Thank you RAGofAZ for bringing this short stranger into our lives!

January: Meet Cooper

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01 January Cooper

On December 23, 2022 my wife and I were informed that a Golden named Helsinki was available for adoption. We met with the members of RAG of AZ at the vets and we saw the most beautiful dog we had ever seen. For us it was love at first sight.

We were informed that this poor boy had been through two operations, one for a growth on the inside of his leg and one to remove a bug that was embedded under his skin. The first thing we did, after petting for 37 hours straight, was to change his name to Cooper. Cooper had to have an additional operation for another growth. During this operation we almost lost him, but thanks to the skillful surgeons at Academy West, his life was saved.

Cooper is now a very healthy and happy member of our family and has been giving us more love and happiness than we could have ever expected. My wife and I thank RAG of AZ for giving us the privilege of raising Cooper and for all the joy he will bring into our lives.

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