Rescue a Golden of Arizona


May: Meet Maysie


05 May Maysie

Maysie was one of the eight puppies born to sweet mama Pearl in May 2022. Pearl had been a breeding dog and then was rehomed. Once she was rescued by RAGofAZ Pearl surprised everyone with the arrival of the new family! Lovingly called the “Golden Nuggets”. The adorable pups thrived in the care of the amazing RAGofAZ volunteers. We were one of the lucky families blessed with one of the beautiful little girls.

Maysie’s name has two special meanings to us. The first is that she was born in May. The second was in honor of her sweet mama that brought her to us. The name Maysie is of Scottish origin meaning “a little pearl”. It had been a long time since I had a puppy and I was a little nervous when I went to meet her. But it was love at first sight. She laid in my lap the whole ride home and I just knew it was meant to be.

Maysie is very loving and sweet. She expects belly rubs from every person she meets! You almost never see her without a ball in her mouth, even when she is sleeping! Next to playing ball she loves hiking the best. She was a natural on the hiking trails from day one! She has two human brothers who adore her and spoil her with attention.

We are all completely over the moon for Maysie! Thank you RAGofAZ and mama Pearl for bringing her into our lives!!

April: Meet Lexi


04 April Lexi

My husband and I wanted a new addition to our family. We contacted Rescue a Golden of Arizona “RAGofAZ” and completed all the foster steps. We knew we found our dog when we saw a picture of Lexi. She was three months old, but was very sick. She was diagnosed with Discospondylitis, which is an infection that affects the vertebrae and intervertebral discs of the spine. We have another dog, who is six years old, and wanted to play but Lexi was not allowed to run or jump as there was a potential for her to become paralyzed. She was highly sedated and on antibiotics.
For a few months her only activity consisted of coming out of her crate to go to the bathroom with a leash on. This was a very trying time for Lexi and us.

Finally, three months later, the x-rays showed that her spine was growing back and she could start to play. Now Lexi is very playful, sweet and a loyal family member. She loves to go to the dog park and needs to be petted at all times. We adore her!!!

Thank you RAGofAZ for bringing this sweet girl into our lives.

February: Meet Thunder


02 February Thunder

Thunder came charging through our door and into our hearts 7 years ago. I had just gotten a fortune cookie saying “A short stranger will soon enter your life with blessings to share.” How true it was! Thunder was born with a short right front leg. She never let that stop her. When she came to us at age 6, she loved to run and chase balls. Thunder is one of the happiest dogs we ever had. Her original name was “Thumper,” maybe because as a puppy she looked like a little bunny hopping on three legs. We felt “Thunder” was more appropriate because her very loud bark rivals a 747 at takeoff!

Eating is Thunder’s favorite activity. She once ate a bowlful of chocolates, foil wrappers and all! She then visited the emergency vet.

Now that she is 13, arthritis has slowed her down but she still insists on her daily walk, lots of treats, and tummy rubs. In return she gives us Golden smiles and love. Thunder is still sharing her blessings.

Thank you RAGofAZ for bringing this short stranger into our lives!

January: Meet Cooper


01 January Cooper

On December 23, 2022 my wife and I were informed that a Golden named Helsinki was available for adoption. We met with the members of RAG of AZ at the vets and we saw the most beautiful dog we had ever seen. For us it was love at first sight.

We were informed that this poor boy had been through two operations, one for a growth on the inside of his leg and one to remove a bug that was embedded under his skin. The first thing we did, after petting for 37 hours straight, was to change his name to Cooper. Cooper had to have an additional operation for another growth. During this operation we almost lost him, but thanks to the skillful surgeons at Academy West, his life was saved.

Cooper is now a very healthy and happy member of our family and has been giving us more love and happiness than we could have ever expected. My wife and I thank RAG of AZ for giving us the privilege of raising Cooper and for all the joy he will bring into our lives.

Cover Dog Carly

Cover Dog Carly

Introducing our 2024 Calendar Cover Dog


00 Cover Carly

Carly, rescued from South Korea, arrived at our home in April of 2018. In 2014 we adopted a pair of Goldens June and Cash. We lost June to cancer and Cash was very lonely until Carly arrived.

Carly is sweet, happy and loving. She is smart, can solve intermediate-level dog puzzles with treats in seconds and she can count! She knows exactly how many treats she gets at bedtime, and will not let me rest until she’s had every one!

She is afraid of the water, except for the tiny creek that sometimes runs behind our cabin in Show Low. She loves to run through it, get all muddy and track it into the cabin. She LOVES going to the cabin, and when she realizes that we are packing she will bark and howl until we finally put her in the car.

At the cabin, she loves chasing tennis balls, watching the squirrels and birds and going for long walks. The cabin is her happy place.

Carly knows when the doorbell rings early in the morning that the Groomer has arrived. She will hunker down in her bed and pretend she’s invisible. Once in the groomer’s van, she loves the blow dryer and falls asleep while they dry and brush her.

She falls asleep when I read a bedtime story to her. Carly and Cash both had the same favorite bedtime story. “Harry the Dirty Dog”. At the end of the book, Harry gets a bath. Maybe she can relate to that.

September: Meet Abby



Howdy y’all!

I’m Abby, Ms. September. Mom calls me her Abbster, the Nagster, cuz I luv to walk and of course, she tags along. Our WoofTrax walking steps go to RAGofAZ.

I’m also her ‘wild child’. Dunno why, I just like to cavort and play! Now I can run wild on the plains of Texas! We moved here with Mom’s family; 2 boys that think I’m swell, 2 kitties (they’re ‘ok’) and our FMP, the T Dogg!

Tigger is our ‘Favorite Male Pupp’. I’m getting him to walk more, but he’s kinda old at 14. I’m just a kid at 10 years.

I am kinda bossy, I guess. That’s the Border Collie in me. Don’t trespass on my property or I’ll bark! Protective. Yeah. That’s it…. But I’m also a Golden, so y’all gotta know and agree, I’m sweet, gentle and loving too. Even strangers come up to me when we’re out and want to stroke me. If I know them, I might even roll over for a belly rub! Ooooh, Yes!

Well, it’s almost bedtime. I’d better scruff up ole Walter (that’s my blankie, named after another Golden, who also slept on him) then plop on Charlene (a most comfy stuffed puppy that’s bigger ‘n me!) I need to get some shuteye. A well rested pupp can sure have fun in life! I feel the Luv.

Y’all take care now. Slurps and tail wags to all my AZ Golden buds. Adios! –Abby

June: Meet Lola


Lola cabin Large Final

Lola was one of seven beautiful puppies born into Rescue in May 2007.

While Lola spent her “puppyhood” in Arizona, we made the move to San Francisco a year later, where she quickly fell in love with chasing balls along the many sandy California beaches, making new friends at all the dog-friendly establishments (knowing which ones always had treats), and playing ball or lounging in the sunshine at Dolores Park (her favorite hangout!).

About 6 years later, we moved to Seattle. Lola loved the new environment – lots of hiking trails, new parks, and many more new friends. Lola is also well traveled – she’s been on several road trips – traversing over 9 west coast states and provinces, including trips to British Columbia, Yellowstone National Park, and several trips back to Arizona and the California coast.

Lola celebrated her 15th birthday on May 21, 2022 with a “quinceañera” – her friends – people and dogs alike – came by to celebrate in our home. Unfortunately, not too long after, Lola crossed the Rainbow Bridge, her aging body no longer able to keep up with her bright spirit. We were truly blessed to have had her in our lives for as long as we did, and wish the same for all Golden families.

March: Meet Ra


Ra 5977 Large

Ra captured my heart on July 2, 2021 as a beautiful, loving 5 year old boy who was diagnosed with periodic, cluster epileptic seizures. Despite his diagnosis, we don’t allow those moments to curtail Ra’s life. He is an extremely loving, funny boy who enjoys his morning walks and he especially loves his time chasing smells and his tennis balls at the park.

The golden retriever smile definitely shows up! Ra makes me laugh every day, whether it’s jumping on the couch with his butt in the air or sitting with his legs crossed like a gentleman, my boy is a hoot. Then we have our quiet time when Ra loves to hug and lay on my lap for scratches and kisses. Ra and I are fortunate to have an amazing support system with a neurological veterinarian who has helped me manage Ra’s periodic seizures and adjust his medications.

RAG of AZ, I’m so grateful that you brought this sweet boy into my life.

February: Meet Lexie


LEXI 5625 Large Final

Almost a year after losing our beloved 12 year old Golden Riley, we knew we wanted to adopt a Golden and contacted RAGofAZ. We were told that it could be several months before we received a call, but just a few days after our final interview, we were told about a Golden needing a forever home. Lexi, along with several other Goldens, was rescued from a farm in China and was looking for her forever home. Ready to open our hearts and our home, we instantly fell in love with Lexi.

Lexi arrived underweight and we were told that she did not know how to swim, had never had a toy before and most likely did not understand any English. Within an hour of settling in, our sweet Lexi was in the pool and learning to chase after a tennis ball.

Lexi is three years old now, and while she still suffers from food insecurity and separation anxiety, she has adjusted remarkably well. Lexi loves her long morning walks and enthusiastically spends her free time frantically chasing birds, bunnies and lizards and cooling off in the pool.

While we will never know the horrors Lexi endured in her past life, we are beyond blessed to have her and believe that Riley sent us our sweet Lexi so that we could shower her with the love, attention and patience she deserves. She is our sweet angel, and we are so grateful to RAGofAZ for bringing so much joy to our lives.

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