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Cover Dog Carly

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Introducing our 2024 Calendar Cover Dog


00 Cover Carly

Carly, rescued from South Korea, arrived at our home in April of 2018. In 2014 we adopted a pair of Goldens June and Cash. We lost June to cancer and Cash was very lonely until Carly arrived.

Carly is sweet, happy and loving. She is smart, can solve intermediate-level dog puzzles with treats in seconds and she can count! She knows exactly how many treats she gets at bedtime, and will not let me rest until she’s had every one!

She is afraid of the water, except for the tiny creek that sometimes runs behind our cabin in Show Low. She loves to run through it, get all muddy and track it into the cabin. She LOVES going to the cabin, and when she realizes that we are packing she will bark and howl until we finally put her in the car.

At the cabin, she loves chasing tennis balls, watching the squirrels and birds and going for long walks. The cabin is her happy place.

Carly knows when the doorbell rings early in the morning that the Groomer has arrived. She will hunker down in her bed and pretend she’s invisible. Once in the groomer’s van, she loves the blow dryer and falls asleep while they dry and brush her.

She falls asleep when I read a bedtime story to her. Carly and Cash both had the same favorite bedtime story. “Harry the Dirty Dog”. At the end of the book, Harry gets a bath. Maybe she can relate to that.

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