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We are thrilled to share our volunteer of the quarter with you. Take a minute to get to know Lindsey King. She has volunteered with Rescue A Golden of Arizona since 2012, and today serves as our Membership Coordinator. Our organization’s work is 

only as good as our volunteers, and Lindsey makes RAG better by keeping the Membership wheels turning, and we are super grateful for all she does, and for the heart she has for this work.

 How long have you been a volunteer with RAGofAZ?

• Have been volunteering with RAGof AZ since the fall of 2012.

What volunteer positions have you held and what role(s) are you currently in?

• Started as a coordinator for our PetCo “Meet & Greet” events, then as coordinator for our Christmas Gift Wrap events at Barnes and Noble and currently as Membership Coordinator.

What part of AZ do you reside?

• My husband and I and our fur babies live in Scottsdale.

What do you do for work?

• I am a pilot

Tell us a little bit about your family, including any current pets.

• My husband, Jason, and I are both pilots. He flies helicopters and I fly for a charter airline, XOJET. We have three fur babies, our RAGofAZ babies, Finnegan and Khaleesi and our Siamese cat, Kitty.

Tell us a little bit about any past/current rescued Goldens (from us or otherwise):

• My first golden baby was Oliver, whom I got from a breeder in Canada, where I am originally from. Oliver and I moved to Arizona in 2012 where we began volunteering for RAGofAZ. After losing my Oliver to cancer at a very young age, my fellow Rescue a Golden volunteers felt that Finnegan would be a great addition to our family and would help me in my grieving after the loss of Oliver. Finnegan came to us at 15 months old, with a partially recovered broken tibia, that RAGofAZ ensured healed perfectly, through multiple surgeries and follow up care. He captured our hearts immediately and has been the best boy a family could ever ask for. Khaleesi, our second RAGofAZ dog came to us at only 9 weeks old, and riddled with health problems. She has healed from all of those ailments, and is now a healthy, crazy, fun loving girl who adores her big brother. We say Finnegan came into our lives to heal our broken hearts after losing Oliver, and Khaleesi came to us to remind us to laugh.

Tell us a bit about why you wanted to volunteer with us.

• Goldens are truly the best dog, and for my husband and I, the best kids ever! I love being a part of an organization that not only rescues and cares for abandoned Goldens, but that also matches this amazing breed to families who will forever be changed by their love.

What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had so far as a volunteer with us?

• Would have to say the Christmas Wrapping events. My Finnegan and Khaleesi absolutely love meeting the shoppers and spreading their love, and at the end of the day, they come home exhausted and happy.

What advice would you give to someone who hasn’t volunteered with us before but may be thinking about it?

• Do it! Even if you are concerned about it fitting into a busy schedule, or if your skills match our need, just reach out. Volunteering not only helps RAGofAZ Goldens, but it will also bring immense joy to you as well.

What else would you like us to know about you and your volunteering?

• Love this organization and the amazing group of volunteers I get to work with. We are a very dedicated and passionate group, who all love our Goldens and want to ensure that every Golden in need finds a loving forever home.