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Congratulations to Bob Wood, Rescue A Golden of Arizona Volunteer of the Quarter and an incredible leader! Bob and his wife joined RAG of AZ three years ago as members of the Transport Team.

Today Bob serves as Director of Golden Rescue. He leads RAG’s International rescue efforts along with the Home Visit team and the Transport team. He formed a partnership with Goldens without Borders a couple of years ago to help RAG of AZ save more dogs in unfortunate situations from other countries.

Over the last eight months, Bob has also become the face of the rescue for our new volunteers. But to Bob, bringing new members onto the team doesn’t mean simply signing them up. It means showing them the ropes, spending time with them, and ensuring they have the “right seat on the bus” and that they are comfortable in their new roles, and that they have a great first experience with our organization. If you’ve ever thought about volunteering for RAG, Bob would love to talk to you about what we do, and how we do it.

Bob served in the United States Air Force (thank you for your service!) and had a fascinating career. He is retired now, but you wouldn’t know it. He is often the first to raise his hand on almost everything.

Bob has driven close to 4,000 miles for Rescue A Golden in 2021 alone, and he’d drive another 4,000 before year-end if it meant saving a Golden Retriever or helping a family get united with one. Bob fosters dogs too. Whether for a few weeks or a few hours, he and his family say yes, and their Golden girl Echo is “all in” when it comes to helping her “pawrents” help dogs in transition.

To sum it up… that line from the Ghostbusters theme song, “Who you gonna call…. GHOSTBUSTERS” If you replace the word Ghostbusters with Bob Wood… that is how we feel about Bob Wood and his contributions to Rescue A Golden of Arizona.

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