Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted July 22, 2023


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Tara is doing really well. It was a rough several days for her at first as she was very scared and withdrawn. I ended up spending hours on the floor with her just petting her and being present.  It took weeks to get her in our bedroom to sleep or even get on the doggie bed, but now she comes right in and gets on the doggie bed and I just lay on the floor with her and love her for a while before I go to bed.  She figured out the doggie door very fast too!
We do have a 3-year-old lab but unfortunately, they don’t play together (I am not sure why).  We are devoted to both dogs and we take them on walks in the morning and at night.  Both walks are about 30 minutes each.
She is so sweet and really has bonded with me.  She loves the doggie ice cream and I put cooked chicken in her dog food.  She recently started doing this adorable thing when she is happy, she jumps up on me and kind of gives me a hug around the waist!  She is so well mannered and is not destructive in the house BUT she will tear apart a toy dog in minutes.
I do feel blessed to have her.  Thank you so much for all you do!