Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted July 7, 2023

Goldie now Kona

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I can’t even put into words what a wonderful addition Kona is to my life. Like the funny bumper sticker says “Who Rescued Who?”. We are still learning and adjusting, but the journey has been worth it right from the start. It is kinda funny because I was going to say NO to the call but what came out of my mouth was YES and I really started to believe it was meant to be. I got extremely lucky with her because she arrived almost perfect from the start. She has actually taught me to be a better owner-like that I had to be more consistent with the messages I was giving her. It is incredible how smart she is. Has a few triggers, like other dogs, but we are even working thru those. I live on 12 acres and she loves exploring, chasing bunnies and even lizards.

23 044 Goldie now Kona1




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