Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted June 9, 2023

Beaver now Chance

Please help RAGofAZ rescue more dogs like us!

Chance is amazing & so smart. We have a trainer for Chance, Ardent K-9, Jason is helping me teach him some basics.

Hoping to teach him to be a service dog eventually. He was a little sick when we first got him but he is much better now and will be seeing a Vet up here in Cottonwood next week.

RAG was very helpful the first couple of months getting his shots and medicine in Prescott and now we are taking over the rest of the care.

RAG has a great team of volunteers.

When we first got Beaver-we decided to call him Chance (his new name) .

My husband got a liver transplant at the Mayo in March, he had cancer & almost died, the transplant gave him a second chance in life.

So we also felt that this little golden retriever was getting a second chance also. That is why we renamed him Chance.

He keeps our older golden (Rosie 12yrs old) entertained and they both enjoy each others company.

We love having him in our home. We want to keep him healthy & happy & appreciate RAG for helping us find him.

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