Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted May 7, 2023

Quincy now Booker

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Booker (Who joined our home as Quincy) became a part of our family late on April, 11th. Booker made an immediate impression as a sweet, curious, and calm “little dude”. While there have been the normal bumps in the road in settling into his new home and getting along with his older brother Wrigley (who is a 4 year old golden), he greets us every morning with a puppy smile and a happy tail. Booker seems to be more comfortable by the day and is certainly a people’s puppy.

We have greatly enjoyed seeing Booker’s growth from day to day. He’s quite intelligent and picks up on training easily (Our vet even commented that he’s so relaxed he could be a therapy dog some day). Booker loves playing with his (brother’s) bevy of toys, snuggling/playing with Wrigley, and hanging out at our feet while we’re working or watching TV. Booker has also made quite a few appearances in our work Zoom meetings, sitting calmly on our laps and ready to conduct today’s business.

We are excited to see him continue to grow with our family and have enjoyed our journey so far. We are proud of him for how he has adapted to our home and his new family and are grateful that he has welcomed us as members of his pack.

23 034 Quincy now Booker 2

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