Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted March 15, 2023

Ginger now Harper

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Hi!  I’m Harper.  I was adopted by my forever family in January.  I had 3 sisters waiting for me – Millie, Prada, and Bella.  Millie and Prada are Goldens like me.  Bella, who’s almost 14, is a mini Australian Shepard and a very good caretaker.  Prada is also a Rescue a Golden dog.  She doesn’t remember how old she is and she’s from Turkey. Don’t tell my other sisters but Millie is my favorite.  We do everything together.

My Hooman parents like to spoil us as their hooman kids have moved out of the house. My hooman siblings do come over and visit me though.  Our pack is pretty  tight; at first I annoyed my sisters but now I’ve grown on them.  My favorite thing to do is sit on their heads.  We also enjoy eating sticks, chasing tennis balls and belly rubs.  I just learned how to swim and I think I’m pretty good at it!

I’m working on my walking skills as I really like to charge ahead.  My dads pretty patient with me. If we aren’t walking  or cuddling on the couch we take boat rides around our neighborhood lake.  I’m settling in great with my hooman family.  And who knew that even my mom and dad would tolerate me sleeping on their heads.

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