Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted April 20, 2023

Cleveland now Meg

Please help RAGofAZ rescue more dogs like us!

Meg fit right into our family instantly!  She met her new sister, Maisey, on the front lawn.  Five minutes later they were wrestling in the back yard like they’d been lifelong friends.  Of course, a good wrestling match leads to a nice nap next to each other.  Maisey, also a RAG rescue, didn’t have much interest in her chew toys before Meg came along.  Now they find ways to distract each other and steal things away.  Walks became more interesting with these two crazy ladies who want to smell everything, but never in the same direction at the same time.  We did discover Meg has an eye issue, and she has been such a good girl while getting her drops.  She is a big ball of mushy love who can’t sit up very long when being pet.  She’ll slowly close her eyes and drift off while sliding down to the ground.  Meg and Maisey are never very far from each other and still love wrestling and chewing on each others ears and paws.  They really are living the good life, and we feel so much love and joy with both of them around us.  I’m so glad I finally decided we were ready for a second pup, and Meg is the perfect addition to our family!

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