Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted February 27, 2023

Cincinnati now Cincy

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Cincy is doing great! He is the biggest, goofiest, love bug. He spends his days playing with his pup ‘sister’, Lily. The two of them play hard and love hard, giving each other kisses all the time. There isn’t a chew toy, squeaky toy, or ball that Cincy doesn’t like – and he will bring his favorites when greeting his people.

We’ve made it through the puppiest of the puppy stages and have learned together. Cincy is great at using the doggie door, and understands basic commands. He has also figured out exactly how the motion sensor on the kitchen trash can works – and will purposefully hover his snoot over the sensor to open the lid when he thinks something yummy might be inside. Smart boy!!

Cincy is incredibly intuitive and empathetic – if I or my son are not feeling well, he doesn’t leave our side. He loves waking the kiddo up every day with good morning kisses, and likes to use us as pillows at bedtime.

We couldn’t imagine our little family without Cincy and thank RAG for allowing us the opportunity to make Cincy part of it.

23 009 Cincinnati now Cincy




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