Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted January 12, 2023


Please help RAGofAZ rescue more dogs like us!


I’m Sofia, and I live in Prescott Valley. Here is my story…
I kinda remember something about a long car ride, I also remember hearing something about a place called Ohio, and then something about going to Arizona. After getting to Arizona, I had a few more stops before I made it to my forever home. I have a big brother (Cooper) and a much older sister (Avery) that I live with, both of them are like me, we are all rescued/adopted. Since I have been here, I have had so much fun! I get lots of love and hugs, three square meals a day, some treats, lots of toys to chew on and play with, and get lots of sleep and rest. I’m so happy to be here, and can’t wait to see what me and my family are gonna be doing when I get older, I hear something about camping and sightseeing, I don’t know what that is but it sounds like fun. My mom and dad were really happy yesterday, someone called and I heard something about my adoption was final…let the adventures begin!

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