Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted April 20, 2023

Goldie now Millie

Please help RAGofAZ rescue more dogs like us!

Goldie is now Millie to us. When she first arrived to the USA, she was underweight, scared, and had a skin infection on her face, ears and tail. The vet was originally concerned that she would lose the tip of her tail, but with 2 weeks of antibiotics, steroids, and a topical ointment, she recovered. Millie has been socializing at doggy day care a few days a week to help with her interaction with other humans as well as other dogs. Although she is still timid with new people, she is beginning to have more trust. She absolutely loves water and playing in our back yard. Millie and her “sister”, Oakley, run, explore, splash and play. Millie has become her mini me and follows her everywhere. Millie is an absolute sweetheart and will cuddle up with you once she has expended her puppy energy. After losing our dachshund last year, she has filled a void in our lives, and we are so happy and lucky to have her.

Thank you to everyone at the rescue for making this happen for Millie and the many other dogs!

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