Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted April 8, 2023

Cole now Clyde

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We have had Clyde for a little over 6 weeks and continue to fall in love with him more every day! His personality is definitely coming out more and more everyday and love to see his goofiness. Everyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him too and want to take him home lol He is also the talk of the neighborhood with a lot of comments on his beautiful red coat, size, and of course “is this the dog from China”?

Here are some other highlights so far!

He got to go on his first hike at Tom’s Thumb. He clearly loved it and dragged his dad up and down the mountain in no time.

We have learned to enable his obsession with his babies (stuffies), which he takes out one by one every morning to get sun with him.

We are all enjoying lots and lots of snuggle time all day every day.

His favorite may be his daily walks through the neighborhood, where he says hi to EVERY person and dog.

He is also enjoying lots of brewery patios as the weather stays nice, where he of course gets lots of pets from all of the patrons.

He has started training and already showing signs to be top of his class, as his teacher says he’s a quick learn!

Clearly we’re proud parents!


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