Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted October 23, 2022


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Well, Oliver has pretty much settled in fully around here. Complete 180 from when he first arrived. He just needed structured training and some love. It took a bit of time to get him used to his crate as well as car rides. After 2-3 months, the crate was no longer needed and he’s found himself sleeping at the foot of the bed (or of course by my side more typically). As well as can just be left to his own devices with our other dog if we are headed out for a bit. He’s still pretty mischievous in a good way, he likes to steal my slippers, socks, random knickknacks and place them in center of the living room. I mean, without fail.. If I’m in the garage too long, etc.. He’ll boop doors open to grab something. But, to date (other than toys) has absolutely not destroyed anything. He LOVES car rides now as the end destination is typically the dog park (or Culver’s for a pup cup). We go about the same time before work 2-4 time a week and he gets to see his usual friends. Which is pretty nice as it’s usually the same 5-8 pups and they all play really well together.

He’s been absolutely amazing with anyone that has been over, kids and other animals. Still working on training of course, but his recall is getting better and better. He’s a bit stubborn at times, but I think that’s mainly from excitement.

Currently, he’s laying under my desk while I write this. Which is typical as he’s usually glued to my side. I’m sure there is quite a bit more. But overall, he really is just a great dog and has been a great fit here.

A few funny moments… His first bone, he kinda just sat there for about 5 minutes just carrying it around like he didn’t know what to do with it. He’s since figured that one out for bone Thursdays!

Learning a new trick.

Playing with his brother.

And of course.. lots of snuggles.