Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted September 18, 2022


Please help RAGofAZ rescue more dogs like us!

Jasper is doing very well. Although he had to go through some initial treatments for minor health issues upon his arrival from Mexico, he recovered rapidly and is now a very vibrant and healthy dog. And despite the horrible incident that he experienced prior to his rescue, he now has a beautiful coat and there are no signs of his prior burns.

Jasper is a delightful dog with his own unique personality. He is quite active and loves his toys, exploring and playing in our yard, hiking with us on nearby mountain trails, and joining us for long walks in the neighborhood. He also loves to sit outdoors in our backyard and soak up the sun, watch the birds, and take long naps on our patio furniture. Jasper also does very well around other dogs and enjoys regular get-togethers with a group of golden retriever friends from our old neighborhood. He is very social around people and enjoys nothing more than having visitors in our home. He loves to hang out with our daughters and their friends and lays politely on the floor whenever we have guests. Jasper is fun loving, affectionate, and quickly worked his way into our hearts to become a beloved member of our family. Although he exhibited some normal puppy-like behavioral issues when we first adopted him, he is a fast learner and has improved significantly following a few training classes.

We are grateful for your role in getting Jasper to us from Guadalajara and are thankful to all the RAGofAZ team members who played their own important part in rescuing this special dog and delivering him safely to his forever home here in Arizona!

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