Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted April 3, 2022


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How Cedar became our forever Fur-Baby!

It was the summer of 2020 when our veterinarian informed us that our 10-year-old Boxer (Roxy) would not make it if they woke her up from her anesthesia due to all the tumors she had. He said she would bleed out. We said our tearful goodbye and made the long 20-mile trek back home crying all the way. We had already had a Golden (Timber) at home and Roxy did not get along with him. Not sure why this breed (Goldens) are the most passionate, loving, and gentle dogs I had ever seen. I knew eventually we would want a playmate for Timber.

We signed up with RAG. We were really expecting a Golden from overseas (China) however, the CDC made it nearly impossible. After 8 LONG months of waiting, we received a phone call about an 11-month-old Golden that was bought off Craigslist from Mexico. Another member of RAG got Cedar (Canelo) what they called him, from the seller. He did not fit in so he went back up for adoption. We received that phone call saying “we have an 11-month-old that needs a forever home”. From the moment Bob (RAG) introduced us and Timber to Cedar it was love and fulfillment all in one dose.

This boy is the most loving dog we could have ever hoped for. We just wish he was waterproof as he will not stay out of the pool. We can and will deal with that. Cedar is so incredible with Timber, children, adults, other animals, etc.….. If we would have had to wait 2 years knowing what we were in store for, we would do it every single time. I cannot thank RAG enough as we have been blessed with a gift and his name is CEDAR!!!!

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