Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted March 13, 2022


Please help RAGofAZ rescue more dogs like us!

Our 8-month-old golden (mix) gift came from Mexico, directly from the airport via our great RAG transport rep Susan Q. Santo (for Cubs’ baseball legend Ron Santo) skeptically then crazily joined our 5 yo golden Hayden.

The first few weeks were admittedly hard. Giardia: care, meds, diet. Getting used to a new place, building trust, and the two dogs becoming acclimated to each other. We’re very grateful for the support of Susan Q (also our medical liaison), and RAG trainer Ken (some FaceTime & phone sessions)…and it was SO WORTH IT!!

Santo has amber eyes, a pink nose, a curly tail, and will always be half the size of his brother. Together they are the cutest, most loving, goofiest pair! Thanks to RAG for exponentially increasing the Golden Love in our house!

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