Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted March 14, 2022


Please help RAGofAZ rescue more dogs like us!

Gavin joined Safari (Golden), Hunter (my scruffy little cat) and I from Guadalajara, Mexico unexpectedly at the end of January as my first foster. I’m clearly not cut out to be a foster since just a few weeks later, I didn’t want to part with him and he’s now a permanent member of my little family. He came to me as a timid, fearful little guy but with boundless energy, a desire to please and a playful attitude. Having spent her life as an only dog, Safari was not at all sure she liked having Gavin in the house at first. But he won her over with his exuberance and persistent, prodding playfulness. Even the 13-year old cat sometimes plays with Gavin in a typical “just remember I’m the boss” manner. Gavin has brought joy into my life as a sweet, goofy, cuddly little guy and is my very first legitimate “lap dog”. I am lucky to have him! 

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