Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Adopted March 12 & February 6, 2022

Buddy & Dilly

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We are truly grateful for all everyone at RAG has done for us!  
It has been almost 2 years since we lost our dear boy Scout (a Golden rescue from WI).  On Sunday, November 14th, for some reason Dave chose to register us with RAG.  As it turned out, RAG had recently received these 2 boys: Buddy (11 year old Golden) and Dilly (13 year old Jack Russell).  They had been together since Buddy was 8 weeks old.  We believe our sweet Scout worked some magic, and by that Thursday, Buddy and Dilly had chosen us, and walked into their new forever home and our hearts!  We are so very grateful, as they have brought so much joy, love, and laughter into our lives. 
 We had a few challenges, mainly with Dilly, but RAG was tremendously supportive, even providing the help of trainer Ken Desch, who was wonderful.  They have both adapted very well, and are so loving and sweet.  It has been particularly rewarding to watch Buddy come to life, and just blossom, thanks to the great veterinary care provided by RAG with Crossroads Veterinary Hospital, some good arthritis meds, exercise, and lots of TLC. The boys love all their toys, their beds in every room, daily walks and brushing, and just hanging out with us and all our visitors.  We love our Dilly Bar and Buddy Boy!