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Who are we?

At Rescue a Golden of AZ (RAG of AZ), our purpose is to provide a second chance for Golden Retrievers in need of new homes, regardless of the circumstances. We welcome any purebred Golden Retriever, if it exhibits non-aggressive behavior, and endeavor to match them with loving and caring families. Operating as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, we are driven by a team of dedicated volunteers.

How Can we Help you?

We understand that parting with your dog can be a deeply emotional decision, often influenced by circumstances beyond your control. If you find yourself contemplating surrendering your dog and are uncertain, we encourage you to speak with one of our intake counselors at 602-404-WOOF (9663). They offer valuable resources that might assist you through challenging times, potentially enabling you to keep your beloved pet. Rest assured; you will never be pressured into relinquishing your dog. However, if rehoming is deemed the best solution, we stand ready to assist you in that process.

To initiate the surrender process, we ask that owners fill out our online surrender form. If you are more comfortable speaking with someone by phone rather than using the form, you may call our Woof line at 602-404-WOOF (9663) to speak with one of our intake counselors. This may be a more suitable option if the dog you are turning in is a “found” dog and you are not the owner.

This process provides us with essential information about your dog’s preferences, health, temperament, and personality, enabling us to facilitate the best possible match with families eagerly awaiting a new companion. Additionally, understanding your dog’s health needs enables us to provide necessary care, including spaying, neutering, vaccinations, and testing for any underlying health conditions.

What about other options?

While there are alternative options available, we believe our rescue organization offers the greatest peace of mind for your dog’s future. Local shelters and humane societies, though well-intentioned, often face space and time constraints, placing older or ill dogs at risk of not being adopted. Placing your dog independently through social networks or local advertisements poses risks, including the potential for exploitation or irresponsible rehoming. Similarly, entrusting your dog to friends or family members can lead to uncertain outcomes and potential distress for your pet. At RAG of AZ, we guarantee that every dog entrusted to us will find a thoroughly screened and approved home, ensuring a safe and loving environment.

If we are unable to find an ideal match among our approved families, your dog will be placed in a carefully selected foster home tailored to its needs. We prioritize your dog’s well-being, ensuring they never experience the stress of kennel environments common in shelters.


We often encounter questions about why we charge adoption fees for dogs received at no cost from owners. It’s important to clarify that our intention is not profit-driven; rather, these fees contribute to covering the extensive veterinary care our dogs require. Each dog undergoes a comprehensive medical examination, including vaccinations, microchipping, spaying/neutering, and heartworm testing. Additionally, many dogs require treatment for various health issues, ranging from ear infections to more serious conditions like arthritis or cancer. On average, we invest over $1200 per dog in medical care. To sustain our operations and continue providing essential care, we rely on a combination of fundraising efforts and adoption fees.


If you need to rehome your Golden please call our WOOF LINE at (602)404-WOOF (9663), or select one of the links below.