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Who are we?

Our mission at Rescue A Golden of AZ is to rescue Golden Retrievers who need new homes for whatever reason. We will take any purebred Golden Retriever, who is not aggressive, and find it a happy, loving new home, no matter why it needs one. We are a 501c.3 not-for-profit run entirely by volunteers.

How Can we Help you?

We recognize that this can be an emotional decision for you and that things can happen in our lives over which we have little or no control. If you are considering giving your dog up, we suggest you talk to one of our intake counselors. They have resources that may help you get past a rough place and enable you to keep your dog. Perhaps you just need a little training advice, or a tip on where to find the least expensive medications. At no time will you be pressured to relinquish your dog. However, if rehoming your dog is the answer, they will be able to help you with that.

Should you decide to surrender your dog to RAGof AZ, you will be asked many detailed questions about your dog, its likes and dislikes, its health, and its temperament and personality. We do not ask these questions to screen your dog out, but so that we will be able to do the best job of finding them a perfect match with the families that are awaiting a dog. Also, the health questions will enable us to make sure we know what your dog needs, whether it is spaying, neutering, routine inoculations, or testing for more serious health issues.

What about other options?

There are, of course, other options, but we feel that our rescue organization will give you the most peace of mind about your dog. Some of those options are:

Local Shelters and Humane Societies – these organizations are overburdened with many different kinds of dogs. Although they will do their best, be aware that they have limited space and time, and at many, your dog risks not being adopted, especially if it is older or ill. Many of these shelters in fact, turn in Goldens to us due to their limitations.

Placing the Dog yourself with Strangers – both social network sites and local papers are popular places for people to look for new homes for their dogs. This is risky at best for your dog and time-consuming and frustrating for you. Some people who do not really want your dog will answer your ads. Many of the people who take free dogs in this way do not intend to keep them, but to resell, or breed. (Golden retrievers are desirable as warm up bait for fighting dogs for instance) Also, many times this is an “impulse purchase” and after the new wears off – your dog is relegated to a life of being ignored, given away again or worse. Screening potential homes can be difficult but RAGof AZ can assure you that your dog will go to a home that has been inspected and approved by our experienced volunteers.

Placing the dog with friends or family – this may sound like a perfect solution and at times It does work out. But, your dog may go to a family member who is just trying to help you out and doesn’t really want the dog. Often the dog will be passed along among friends or family multiple times, each time causing the dog additional upset. Frequently, these dogs are eventually turned into our rescue, where we are able to find a loving family who wants a dog exactly like this one.

If we are unable to find a perfect match for your dog from among the many approved families we have, your dog will be placed into a foster home that is also selected to meet your dogs needs. At no time will your dog be subjected to being in a kennel situation with many dogs barking, fighting through the fences and multiple dogs fighting over food as it might be in a shelter.


One of the questions we are asked is, why do we charge for a dog we got (from you) for free. This is an excellent question and we assure you we are not out to make money from your dog. Many of the dogs that are surrendered to us need medical care, from routine inoculations, to surgery. All dogs are taken to a vet for a wellness check, brought up to date on their shots, microchipped, spayed and neutered if needed and tested for Heartworm and Valley Fever. At that examination, we frequently find dogs with ear infections, allergy issues, dental issues and arthritis. Those are thoroughly checked out and treated. Unfortunately we also find dogs with severe joint problems, heart murmurs and lumps that may be cancer. Those we also treat, sometimes at great cost. On average in 2010 we spent over $600.00 per dog. Rescue A Golden must rely on fundraising as well as our adoption fees to cover our veterinary expenses.



If you need to rehome your Golden please call our WOOF LINE at (602)404-WOOF (9663), or select one of the links below.

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