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In 2017, Rescue A Golden of Arizona joined a nationwide outreach and became an international rescue, liberating Goldens from South Korean meat farms, and Turkish and Mexican streets. Since then, RAGofAZ and devoted forever families gave over forty dogs a second chance at life, and more Goldens are waiting for us to rescue them.

They all have a heartwarming success story about their new Golden life.  But they come at a cost, making it necessary to charge more than the U.S. dogs’ adoption fees.

The minimal cost of rescuing these Goldens is $1000 each for in-country vetting, crates, and airfare. Additionally, after they arrive, they get a routine exam, a microchip, and several tests to ensure all health needs are met.  Some need to be spayed/neutered or need treatment for minor illnesses.  A few require more intensive treatment.

We don’t make a profit from our adoption fees; we depend on fundraising events and donations to fill the gap.  To continue rescuing international Goldens, we have to increase the adoption fee.  The dogs who were rescued from a horrific life seem to know they’ve been given a second chance and are eager to please their forever families.

Thank you for your support and for investing in a Golden life.

Note:  The adoption fee for Mexican dogs remains the same as U.S. dogs.

These precious pups are worth their weight in Gold.

International Golden Adoption Fees

Puppy to 3 Years, 11 Mos. $600
4 Years to 7 Years, 11 Mos. $500
8+ Years $300
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