Rescue a Golden of Arizona



Red now Teddy

This puppy was born in our rescue by a female Golden Retriever, Freyja, that was rescued off the streets in Arizona. He is a mixed breed, and is up to date on his shots based on his age. Further vetting will be required as well as neutering.

All of Freyja’s puppies are ready to begin their next stage of life—moving into great adoptive homes. Freyja came in to rescue as a pregnant stray. As we always have in the past, we see these wonderful Golden mamas through their pregnancy with quality food and living in a home with someone who can see them through to whelping. They spend the first 8 weeks with their littermates and mama as that sets them up to be well balanced dogs. All the puppies receive all their vaccinations, are microchipped and spayed or neutered at the correct time.

Through DNA testing, we have discovered that the puppies’ dad was a Chow, making the puppies Golden Chow Mixes. They will grow to be about the same size as a Golden but will have a fluffier coat and some will sport the characteristic blue tongue.

As with all puppies, training, exercise, and socializing are very important. Golden Chow puppies just like Goldens are high energy. The Golden part is very sociable while the Chow part can be a little more reserved. Both breeds are very loyal to their families.

A Golden Retriever will use its considerable brainpower to try to find ways to make you happy. He loves to dote on his owners, and he is constantly trying to figure out new and inventive methods for bringing a smile to your face. A Chow loves his owners too, but his brain is often used to scan for threats and offer protection. A Chow is not as cuddly as a Golden but makes a better guard dog. Golden Chows can closely resemble either parent breed in this regard, but they often fall somewhere in the middle. They love to spend their time playing and goofing off with their families, but they become all business as soon as a threat appears.

Please note RAGofAZ policy:
Young puppies must be let out, at a minimum, every 4 hrs.

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Less than half the veterinary costs for a rescued Golden are covered by the adoption fee.

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Upon intake, dogs are given a complete exam by a licensed veterinarian, updated on vaccinations (if necessary), spayed or neutered (if not already done), tested for valley fever and microchipped.

Woof Line
For information on adopting a Golden please contact us at (602)404-WOOF (9663).

Adoption Rules

All dogs are placed with pre-approved waiting families. If you wish to adopt from RAGofAZ, please submit an Application to Foster/Adopt found on the website and someone will contact you. If you are already approved, please contact us at  for further information.