Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Calendar Stories 2023

February: Meet Lexie

Calendar Stories 2023

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Almost a year after losing our beloved 12 year old Golden Riley, we knew we wanted to adopt a Golden and contacted RAGofAZ. We were told that it could be several months before we received a call, but just a few days after our final interview, we were told about a Golden needing a forever home. Lexi, along with several other Goldens, was rescued from a farm in China and was looking for her forever home. Ready to open our hearts and our home, we instantly fell in love with Lexi.

Lexi arrived underweight and we were told that she did not know how to swim, had never had a toy before and most likely did not understand any English. Within an hour of settling in, our sweet Lexi was in the pool and learning to chase after a tennis ball.

Lexi is three years old now, and while she still suffers from food insecurity and separation anxiety, she has adjusted remarkably well. Lexi loves her long morning walks and enthusiastically spends her free time frantically chasing birds, bunnies and lizards and cooling off in the pool.

While we will never know the horrors Lexi endured in her past life, we are beyond blessed to have her and believe that Riley sent us our sweet Lexi so that we could shower her with the love, attention and patience she deserves. She is our sweet angel, and we are so grateful to RAGofAZ for bringing so much joy to our lives.

January: Meet Penny

Calendar Stories 2023

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Sweet little Penny changed our lives for the better in March of 2022. She arrived on a bus from Mexico, ready to begin her new life with us in Arizona. She was so friendly and loving from day one. Even on the drive to Tucson from Phoenix she couldn’t wait to climb in the front seat with us.

Despite not knowing much about her history, Penny’s future is looking bright as ever. After several necessary tooth extractions, she’s as happy as can be. She gets along well with her two kitty sisters, Callie and Willow. Her tail always seems to be wagging and her tongue hangs out to the side since there’s hardly any teeth there to keep it contained. She loves to play in the yard, go on walks and cuddle with her humans.

We are so grateful to Rescue a Golden of Arizona!! Thank you for all you do.

Cover Dog Lucy

Cover Dog Lucy

Introducing our 2023 Calendar Cover Dog


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November 2021 was a very sad month as my beloved Sedona went to the Bridge on November 8 and then on November 28th I had to send her adopted sister Bella to be with Sedona. My home and my heart were very empty.

A week before Christmas a volunteer from RAGofAZ called and said they had a Golden girl coming in from Mexico and could I foster her? Of course I said yes! I named her Lucy and on Christmas Eve she arrived from Mexico. Becky Wetzel and I drove to Anthem to pick her up. It was love at first sight, she was so sweet and calm. I quickly found out that Lucy is house broken, she loves being petted and she loves her toys. I spoke to Ann Marie Hoff, an animal communicator and she said Sedona had arranged for Lucy to come to me, because Sedona wanted to come back to me!

Lucy was my Christmas miracle and she is the love of my life. Lucy is currently in Therapy Dog Training to become a Therapy Dog, just like Sedona. Thanks to RAGofAZ for allowing Lucy to come into my life and make my world whole again.

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