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November: Meet Fenway

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11 November Fenway

Meet Fenway, named after the iconic Fenway Park.

We had been wanting a puppy for our three year old Golden and Fenway has been amazing for Cooper. My husband has never had a puppy in his life and I knew this would be a life changing experience for him. He tells everyone that this is “his boy.” We just can’t believe how fortunate we are with our fur family.

Fenway was one of Sasha’s babies and on Christmas Eve we got the best present ever with a text asking if we would be interested in one of them. Fenway has brought so much to our family. Besides being extremely handsome, he’s incredibly smart and so loving. We can’t imagine not having him in our lives. His bond with Cooper becomes tighter every day and their love for each other shines. Fenway is the epitome of having the “heart of a Golden.”

We really need to give a lot of credit to Toby & Robin Fox for their love and care during the eight weeks they had him. They are truly amazing.

We can’t thank Rescue A Golden of Arizona enough. We’ve gotten Cooper and Fenway from them and we can hardly express our gratitude in words.

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