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03 March Sophie

Four years ago, life was quite challenging. I was born into a breeding family and destined to make many puppies, spending most of the time in a kennel. But something went awry. Thinking I couldn’t make those puppies, my family gave me to RAGofAZ. I got a new family; no puppies and no more kennel. Life was good.

So much happened since then. I sleep in a big warm bed with my mom and dad, respond to commands, take Dad for walks to meet new people, sunbathe on the grass, chase away the birds he tries to feed, and bark a lot when I am excited. I had two big Golden brothers, one of whom played with me like crazy. To help other dogs get rescued, I became an Ambassadog attending meet and greets and fundraising events. Since I’m so pretty and cuddly, I collect lots of money. Incredibly, I get paid with treats to be petted and get belly rubs. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

I am also a Home Visit Team attaché; my job is to ensure other dogs get a good, safe home like mine. Sometimes I’m sad. Both of my big brothers are at the Rainbow Bridge. It’s been so lonely not having a furry companion to play with and being the only fur kid for the first time. After a year, I finally found and adopted a Golden sister to train and play with, so all is well again.