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02 February Thunder

Thunder came charging through our door and into our hearts 7 years ago. I had just gotten a fortune cookie saying “A short stranger will soon enter your life with blessings to share.” How true it was! Thunder was born with a short right front leg. She never let that stop her. When she came to us at age 6, she loved to run and chase balls. Thunder is one of the happiest dogs we ever had. Her original name was “Thumper,” maybe because as a puppy she looked like a little bunny hopping on three legs. We felt “Thunder” was more appropriate because her very loud bark rivals a 747 at takeoff!

Eating is Thunder’s favorite activity. She once ate a bowlful of chocolates, foil wrappers and all! She then visited the emergency vet.

Now that she is 13, arthritis has slowed her down but she still insists on her daily walk, lots of treats, and tummy rubs. In return she gives us Golden smiles and love. Thunder is still sharing her blessings.

Thank you RAGofAZ for bringing this short stranger into our lives!

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