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Hi, my name is Penny. I came into RAG of AZ in the first week of May 2022. When I arrived I had a serious problem, I couldn’t walk. I was taken to a very nice veterinarian and after labs and x-rays, it was determined that I had a mass on my spine. I was given pain and anti-inflammatory medication and the next day I was up on all fours! My back legs were wobbly, but I was walking again!

The tests showed I had valley fever and the mass was a valley fever lesion. I was put on Fluconazole and I started feeling better and wagging my tail. My mom says that when I wag my tail my whole back end wiggles, so she sometimes calls me “wigglebutt”. I am one of the Special Needs Goldens in the calendar, which I don’t understand because I think all Goldens are special.

I have a new sister Mia, who came all the way from China. I can’t speak Chinese, but it doesn’t matter, we are getting along great. I love tennis balls and chasing the bunnies in the back yard. I went to my first official RAG event and met lots of other Goldens, it was so much fun. Mom said there will be more events in our future. Woo! Hoo! as I love being with people and meeting new friends.

Thank you RAG of AZ for rescuing me, saving my life and finding me the perfect forever home.

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