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September: Meet Abby

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Howdy y’all!

I’m Abby, Ms. September. Mom calls me her Abbster, the Nagster, cuz I luv to walk and of course, she tags along. Our WoofTrax walking steps go to RAGofAZ.

I’m also her ‘wild child’. Dunno why, I just like to cavort and play! Now I can run wild on the plains of Texas! We moved here with Mom’s family; 2 boys that think I’m swell, 2 kitties (they’re ‘ok’) and our FMP, the T Dogg!

Tigger is our ‘Favorite Male Pupp’. I’m getting him to walk more, but he’s kinda old at 14. I’m just a kid at 10 years.

I am kinda bossy, I guess. That’s the Border Collie in me. Don’t trespass on my property or I’ll bark! Protective. Yeah. That’s it…. But I’m also a Golden, so y’all gotta know and agree, I’m sweet, gentle and loving too. Even strangers come up to me when we’re out and want to stroke me. If I know them, I might even roll over for a belly rub! Ooooh, Yes!

Well, it’s almost bedtime. I’d better scruff up ole Walter (that’s my blankie, named after another Golden, who also slept on him) then plop on Charlene (a most comfy stuffed puppy that’s bigger ‘n me!) I need to get some shuteye. A well rested pupp can sure have fun in life! I feel the Luv.

Y’all take care now. Slurps and tail wags to all my AZ Golden buds. Adios! –Abby

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