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Meet Tripp and Tucker, both from Rescue a Golden.

Tripp came to us in 2020 as a very young pup. His mother and all her pups were born with congenital cataracts and are mostly blind. He wasn’t with us long before we discovered he also had Parvo and had to be hospitalized for 4 days.

It was a bumpy road but thankfully he overcame that. Tripp is a very sweet boy but due to his vision impairment, also very timid. We hoped as he’d grow he’d be able to have eye surgery, but the specialist determined he’s not a candidate.

Unfortunately his senior housemate (Boxer mix, Wyatt) passed away suddenly in June of 2021 and Tripp became more nervous and very depressed. We knew we had to find him a companion. Soon after, the rescue called asking if we were interested in another special needs pup, Rhett (renamed Tucker). He was surrendered from a breeder due to leg edema. Despite lots of testing, no reason was ever found. Ironically enough, Tucker also had his share of eye issues- he developed cataracts suddenly when he was 10 months old so he needed surgery quickly. He has already bounced back and his vision has returned fully. He is happy and healthy. As he’s been active and growing, the edema has improved too.

We are so grateful for Rescue A Golden of AZ for placing these boys with us. They are best buds!

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