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Ra captured my heart on July 2, 2021 as a beautiful, loving 5 year old boy who was diagnosed with periodic, cluster epileptic seizures. Despite his diagnosis, we don’t allow those moments to curtail Ra’s life. He is an extremely loving, funny boy who enjoys his morning walks and he especially loves his time chasing smells and his tennis balls at the park.

The golden retriever smile definitely shows up! Ra makes me laugh every day, whether it’s jumping on the couch with his butt in the air or sitting with his legs crossed like a gentleman, my boy is a hoot. Then we have our quiet time when Ra loves to hug and lay on my lap for scratches and kisses. Ra and I are fortunate to have an amazing support system with a neurological veterinarian who has helped me manage Ra’s periodic seizures and adjust his medications.

RAG of AZ, I’m so grateful that you brought this sweet boy into my life.

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