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Life is Golden

After losing our golden retriever Daisy after almost 16 years, we were not sure if we would ever be ready for a new furry friend. However, we did know that we wanted to help a golden in need and give them a great life. So, we took the first step and signed up with Rescue A Golden of AZ.

After eight months and five days before Christmas we got the call of a golden in need of a forever family. His name was Parker and he needed a new home as soon as possible. Well, let’s just say, it was a shock for us and we were hesitant at first, a boy dog, twice the size of Daisy and with medical issues (seizures). Would he be a good fit with our seven month old son? This was a lot for us to take on, but it was what we signed up for and after four months of fostering him we couldn’t see our lives without him. The love and bond that our son Chase and his “Clifford” share is unlike any other. Parker had found his forever home! We want to send a big thank you to Rescue A Golden of AZ and all of your amazing volunteers who made the process so easy and cared for Parker and us along the way. This rescue means a lot to us and will forever have a place in our hearts.

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