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It's time for Dogtoberfest in Prescott!

It's time for Dogtoberfest in Prescott!


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‍It's time for Dogtoberfest in Prescott!

Fall is in the air.........Come join us in Prescott for the Annual Dogtoberfest and Adopt-a-thon on Sunday October 1. Bring your golden to the high country and have a fun day. Help raise awareness of our rescue and enjoy the many activities and vendors at the event.  Volunteers with or without goldens are welcomed!

The event location is the beautiful Watson Lake Park from 10AM-3PM. Contact Becky Buck-Wetzel at to sign up or if you have any questions.

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Watson Lake Park, Prescott

 3101 Watson Lake Park Rd Prescott 86301

 Sunday October 1st   10AM – 3PM


 Public start time 10AM         Tear-down starts at 3PM


Things you’ll need – Canopy, stakes, weights, tables, chairs, booth decoration and marketing materials.


Parking – parking is $5. Per car for everyone. DOGtoberfest requires public safety due to our crowd size.  The Jeep Posse has been deputized to keep order during our event, ensure the safety of visitors and control traffic.  

NOTE:  Watson Lake is not a free use park.  Parking is paid every day - except Wednesdays - is $3.00 per car 

The remainder of the $5. fee is a donation to the Jeep Posse for their public safety services.  


Set up / Load-in – from 7am - 8:30  ( See overview below) We will be allowing exhibitors to drive one vehicle at a time, to their booth location for unloading. Our volunteers will guide you to your location.  Please unload your vehicle quickly and move it to the main parking area.  Everyone should be completely set up by 9:30. If it is not going to take you long to set up, arrive closer to the event ready time of 9:30.  


A reminder – While DOGtoberfest is going on, the park remains open to the public. 

Please do not park on Watson Lake Rd, Hillsdale Rd or at the trail head parking where we will be loading in. These spots need to stay open for the public. The Police Dept.  has the authority to ticket violators.


Booth Markers – All booth locations will be marked. Someone will be by to pick up the white stakes.


Sprinkler heads Colored circles on the ground will mark sprinkler heads, please do not drive stakes nearby.


Canopies – All canopies need to be secured with weights or stakes. The winds can be very strong at the lake.


Stakes – Stakes up to 10” are fine. Anything longer than 10” is prohibited.


Tie-Downs – Please be sure that tie-downs go straight down, versus out at an angle, where people could trip.


Backs and sides – Booth backs are encouraged; sides are not allowed. Please don’t block your neighbor’s view. Rescues/Performance Groups are exempt from this due to their canine shade requirements.


Visitor Friendly – Please be sure that your area is visitor friendly; (inviting, neat, hazard free and well signed). 


Giveaways – Giveaways and drawings are encouraged.  Both are great conversations starters.

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