Jenny 18 018Buddy 18 019On Tuesday, May 1st little Jennie and Buddy come to the U.S. to join the RAGofAZ family and get a second chance at life.

Jenny is a pretty, sixty-six lb girl. Her Buddy is a handsome, forty-eight lb boy, both rescued from certain death. We only have fuzzy pictures, but better ones are forthcoming.

Keep them company on FlightAware as they fly across the ocean. The Korean rescues call them Freedom Flights. You might miss their takeoff unless you are an early bird, but definitely, give them warm thoughts as they land on U.S. soil.

We are on Pacific Daylight Time.

Details: Tuesday, May 1st

Flight Info: Korean Airlines Flight KE011

Departs Seoul: 7:40 pm (4:40 am PDT)

Arrive LAX: Tuesday, May 1st at 2:50 PM PDT